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Allison Brody, Founder & Principal

Allison Brody, a 21/64 Certified Advisor and Licensed Consultant for the Standards for Excellence Institute, started Leverett Philanthropic Advising after spending more than 30+ years in the nonprofit world. A Harvard graduate and recognized leader in nonprofit capacity building, Allison brings deep understanding of giving, getting, and what works in the philanthropic sector.

Allison spent nearly a decade in the foundation world and completed the Hull Fellowship with Philanthropy Southeast.  Allison has extensive training and practice in effective philanthropy. Allison is also steeped in exempt-organization sector knowledge due to her time as a director at GuideStar (now GuideStar by Candid).

Allison is a thought partner for those who hesitate to maximize their philanthropic capacity due to concerns for their privacy; about making an impact; family dynamics; and more. The focus is on how to make gifts that bring you satisfaction and joy. Allison demystifies both nonprofit organizations and conversations around giving. With thoughtful discussion and tools developed by the 21/64, Allison and her team bring clarity to philanthropic giving.

Leverett Philanthropic Advising helps philanthropists give impactfully. We use our unique experience to provide powerful insight that accords philanthropy deep meaning for all concerned. 

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